Main Switch Fuse

Classification:Main Switch

Main switch fuse includes 80A fuse.

product details

  • Main switch fuse includes 80A fuse.

  • Top & bottom knockouts.

  • Thermoplastic enclosure material.



Rated Current let


Utilization Category

AC21 switching of resistive loads

No. of poles

Switch conforms to

BS EN 60947-3

Rated Operating Voltage (Ue)

240V 50Hz

IP rating

IP2X to BS EN 60529

Max. Cable capacity


Enclosure Material

Thermosetting Plastic


Cover: white/ Base: grey

Dimensions (mm)

80H x 127W x 540


Top and bottom

Tightening torque

Terminals 2.5Nm

Fuse Cartridge

22x58mm cylindrical body

Fuse Rating

Up to 80A type ME 

(Unit supplied with 80A fuse link as standard) 



This unit must be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations for Electrical Installations (BS 7671). 

1 Installation Guide 

1.1 Ensure red toggle is in the OFF pos,tion 

1.2 Loosen 2 front cover screws and remove cover 

1.3 Fix securely to wall using 3 screws. Do not over tighten 

1.4 Use cable duct if required to protect surface cables 

1.5 Additional cable ducts can be ordered separately-Part Code MSF(CD) 

1.6 Fix cable duct to wall using 2 screws 

1.7 Cut, dress and connect cables as shown in the wiring diagram above. MAINS IN cables are covered by a red shroud
1.8 Check all connections are torqued to the correct settings 2.5Nm for the switch
1.9 Re-fit front cover 
  Select and insert the correct fuse rating for the installation. Ensure that the fuse holder is closed fully before switching on 

2 Testing of the Installation 

2.1 After completion of the installation, it is essential that it is tested in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE wiring Regulations for Electrical Installations (BS 7671)

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