6kA/10kA Electromagnetic type RCCB


residual current circuit breaker TYPE A ,residual current circuit breaker TYPE AC ,RCCB TYPE A ,RCCB TYPE AC

product details

Residual Current Circuit Breaker suitable for earth leakage protection of 25-100A AC distribution system, large terminal port 35mm², both sides can use pin-type or U-type busbar; High safety performance, over 30 mA current, and power failure in 3 milliseconds; Independently developed and produced all parts and components independently.

S RCCB灰色开关.jpg

  • Designed and tested for use with GF branded distribution boards

  • Residual current circuit breakers for single phase applications

  • Suitable for use in TN-S,TN-C-S, & TT network systems

  • Class AC & A