Household AC contactor

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product details

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household AC contactors (hereinafter referred to as Contactors) are mainly used in  circuits with AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated working voltage to 400V and rated working current to 63A to  control low (micro) inductance load of household appliances and similar purposes; It can also be used  to control the load of household motor. At this time, the control power shall be reduced accordingly. The products are used in families, hotels, apartments and other places to implement the  automation function, and are applied to the large-scale production of household appliances.  Standards: GB / T 17885, IEC / EN 61095.

Product features

GFIC-63 household contactors adopt direct acting flip structure, which is different from existing Schneider products and has multiple patent rights.The product is a modular control electrical appliance with novel structure and small volume. It is characterized by modular size, artistic modelingand safe use (greatly improving the dust-proof effect). It  can be combined with small circuit breaker and installed in the control and lighting box. The use of high-quality insulating materials greatly improves the safety. Beautiful appearance, low noise, suitable for hotels, hospitals and other places.

Outline and installation dimensions


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